9 thoughts on “Gallery

    1. tamark903 Post author

      Thank you! I get my ideas mainly from Photographs of nature, landscapes, scenes etc’. Of course I alter both the shapes and the colors.

  1. Jane Maroni

    Your work is absolutely stunning, please PM with with your sizes and prices… Thank You

  2. Beverly Lessard

    I love your artwork….do you sell any of them. I would love to buy one or several to hang in my home!

  3. Gulcan

    Hi, i’m following you drom Turkey and i have a question 🙂 What is the tecnique of them , or what do you use for them? Thanks , have a nice day

    1. tamark903 Post author

      Hi Gulcan,
      Thank you for taking an interest in my works!
      I find themes and ideas which I like in photographs of nature, landscapes, scenes etc’, which I alter – the shapes and the colors. I copy the design to the fabric using copy paper. The embroidery technique which I use is the most simple one – working back and forth, I just fill-in the shapes between the lines. I use DMC threads, in many colors.
      I hope this answers your question.


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